"On the Water"

Spring Tip....How to keep your Docks looking great while saving you from costly repairs

Dock scraping is a must as we all know!  What we don't realize is that we should all have our docks scraped about once a year.  Some of us are guilty of letting our docks go until extreme growth,  twisting or sagging starts to happen.  When white worms,  oysters and barnacles along with mussels start to create large communities covering the bottoms of our docks and weighing them down is when you know your in trouble.  Don't let the lack of maintenance compromise your floats stability and make for an unsafe dock system.  You could be looking at long hours in labor and costly repairs to get them back to their original state.   Instead,  spring time is a perfect to schedule a scraping and underwater analysis for your docks.  Yearly scraping will help extend the life of your dock system while keeping them safe and looking great!

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